ScanTech's Economic Stimulus Package:
Only $395 for the =Ultimate Home Inspection= including
Home Inspection Plus and Home Infrared Thermal Scan ($690 value)






  Home Inspections include a $19.95 'THE HOMEOWNER'S HANDBOOK' and unlimited free consultation.
Home Inspection Plus
(AZ Standards) + Extras +
Report, Photos, CD, Web Access
Pre-Purchase, Home Warranty or For Sale**. This is the Traditional Home Inspection plus many extras.
Home Infrared Thermal Scan
Report, Photos, CD, Web Access
Complete survey includes roof, attic, all accessible interior spaces, insulation, moisture, elect. panels.
=Ultimate Home Inspection=
Home Inspection Plus &
Home Infrared Thermal Scan
Save $295

The most comprehensive inspection available anywhere!
Residential Energy Analysis
Complete analysis of the thermal dynamics of the residence to provide the most cost-effective energy solutions, including solar panel integration.
Home Infrared Thermal Scan
(Live only - No Report)
IR & Visual Photos add $30
Low cost way to "See what the eye can't see." 20 minute session. $35 for each additional 20 minutes.
Residential Roof Survey
Commercial Roof Survey
Night time, post-precipitation
Commercial Electrical/Mechanical Detection
Call for Package
Predictive maintenance inspections to prevent expensive failures.
Driving outside Maricopa County
From the county line, both ways.
*Minimum. Larger home is appraised value times (multiple). Prices subject to change.


** The For Sale Inspection can save you many thousands of dollars. There is no cash outlay since it is paid through escrow. It is a huge incentive to the buyer, who normally has to pay out-of-pocket and loses all if the deal doesn't go through. Most important of all, it can remove the "secondary" round of negotiations, that inevitably occurs after the contract is signed, when the inspection reveals major defects. This allows the buyer to demand (and usually get) substantial sums as credits for repairs. The For Sale Inspection (and remedies) can eliminate this loss and many contigencies, so your sale stays on track and closes smoothly.

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